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Lee Pro 1000

Special Order. Now updated with a steel base with positive index locating pin. Improved ergonomics and through ram primer disposal. The Lee Pro 1000 Progressive Press is a great press for beginning reloaders or seasoned veterans. Just add a bullet and load a cartridge with each pull of the lever – all other operations are automatic. For added safety, primers and powder are fed only if a case is present. For fine adjustments or for experimenting, an alternate loading sequence allows for loading only one case at a time. Makes learning easy for the first time user. *Shown on optional reloading stand*

Lee Load Master

The Lee Loadmaster! A beast off a press! Lee Loadmaster progressive 5-hole reloading kit . Includes a 3 die set (full length size, powder through expanding and bullet seating dies), turret, shell plate, powder measure, case feeder and primer feed. Note: 9mmp, 40S&W and 45ACP is equipped with the Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure. 223 Remington is equipped with the Auto Drum Powder Measure. *Shown on optional reloading stand*.





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Lee Pro 1000

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Lee Load Master






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